While studying Reiki, Evelyne re-discovered her natural talent for hands-on-healing. She is a talented, caring, Energy Medicine practitioner with a natural gift for opening people to deeper levels of personal understanding and transformation. In fact, she graciously gives thanks to her initial interest in Reiki healing energy for opening the door to the greater opportunity and experience of channelling Universal Energy to bring healing to others.

Evelyne has an innate love of nature and connects with her love of the Earth in her creative use of crystals in her healing sessions. She assists people in re-connecting to the grounding of the Earth to allow them to manifest new ways of being, thinking, and feeling in their lives.

She combines her talent in counselling and coaching with an intuitive ability to tune into the body and energy field to identify and release energy to create a greater flow of life force energy, leading to improved vitality, health, mental clarity, and emotional harmony.

The unique gift that Evelyne brings to each client is demonstrated in her open heart, gentleness, compassion, and ability to channel through her hands and voice the perfect frequencies for each individual in each moment.

Evelyne Bernhardt

Evelyne Bernhardt of Heartfelt Healing Energy Medicine provides services for humans and pets in the greater Toronto area.

Heartfelt Healing - energy medicine, natural health, healing crystals



"Evelyne has a great ability to read into my future and help me to heal whatever is in the way of my happiness."



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